XI Nit de l’Art with Satine

Castellón initiates a new edition of the Nit de l’Art full of cultural proposals in every corner of the city. Knights street was one of the epicenters of the day thanks, in part, to the collective Art Sleepwalker who for the second consecutive year reinvents the artistic model of the Nit de l’Art. Six microprojects of six artists from the province with live art and a didactic side of guided tours led by Patricia Mir were the main attractions that attracted thousands of visitors. Personalities such as the mayor of Castellón, Amparo Marco; the director of the Nit de l’Art, Yvonne Bacas; the Vice-president of the Delegation, Vicent Sales or the director of the MACVAV Rosalía Torrent did not want to lose the appointment.

Maseda from Vall d’Alba impacted with its installation of corpses covered with white sheets to mark a reflection on the bombardment of images of strong violent load in the media and our response to them. Juan Poré (Burriana) covered part of the street with about 1000 kilos of earth and a thousand oranges of resin to put the accent on the almost testimonial role of agriculture in the immediate surroundings. Ángel Igual (the Vall d’Uixó), in collaboration with dozens of citizens, created messages of peace and love through t-shirts that resembled the Tibetan prayer flags to denounce the abuses of the first world. All shirts will be donated to the Red Cross.

Nacho Puerto (Castellón) presented the public with a work starring a decrepit man who feels frustrated and detached from technology and a progress that is unstoppable. From l’Alcora Ana Beltrán developed a live self-portrait to vindicate the role of women in art, and not only with a passive role as muse. Finally Jose Ferrer (Burriana) worked the most conceptual aspect with a project that invited the public to sit down and have a glass of wine if he agreed to turn off his mobile phone. The conclusions that Ferrer extracted will serve as a preliminary study for a future work.

The Sleepwalking Art project for 2017 has had the collaboration of the Diputación de Castellón, the emotional marketing companies Conmove, Satine, La Cambra dels Vins, Panchito, Mármoles Sebate, paintings Angisa and MASCULTURA Comunicación.

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