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Floor without limit of finishes, size, resistance…
Perfection is ours.




The Company

SATINE STONE, chemical laboratory, manufacturer of all types of resins, additives, cement derivatives and specialized in seamless flooring.
The reality of today is that we are present in the most demanding markets in the world and we have the most important certifications of quality and environment, with recognized trade marks in the world of interior design that refer to products, finishes and services of extreme quality.


One of the most important departments in our company, is the R+D department, derived from the ceramic sector. Our maxim is the full satisfaction of our customers and the research of new products, so we are immersed in constant development of new products, formulations and systems.


The brands of the company Satine Stone have been created under the demand of the customer and the constant evolution of our products. Each of them covers one type of market, so the marketing strategy, packaging and branding is different.
We work to get our messages across, in order to speak the same language as consumers. This leads us to integrate the marketing and communication campaigns in each launch of brand or product…


Work, constancy, order, discipline and innovation are the success factors of our company. At Satine, from our beginnings, we use all our potential, knowledge and resources to fulfill our goals. The satisfaction of the people who make up our company, as well as the customers and suppliers of Satine, is one of our maxims.


The commercial work and development in exports, has obtained the recognition of the Industry Chamber of Commerce of Castellón with the Export Award in five contests 2013, 2008, 2005, 2002 and 1998.

Our company has the ISO 9001 certification that guarantees us the quality in our products and the ISO 14001 certification that commits us to conduct the activities in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts and reaches a high level of safety in its processes, facilities And services, also giving special attention to the protection of employees, customers and local environment. We are also accredited by the Ministry of Industry.

These awards and acknowledgments to our company endorse our continuous evolution in the laboratory, quality department and logistics organization.


We work in projects with interior designers, architects and decorators, taking care of the minimum detail in the execution of the product and selecting the best materials. We start from the original design and make it a reality.

We cover all phases, manufacturing, pre-study and application. Quality guaranteed by companies of recognized prestige that have placed their trust in us.

Our field of activity is developed all over the world. For this, our team of applicators move or count on the collaborations of all the network of franchises that we have in the most important capitals of the world.

How We Work

The success of our system is a continuous feedback loop, evolving formulations and working methods thanks to the direct contact of the R & D department with the final applicator.


For those who prioritize quality, Kompacto.

Para los que priorizan la calidad, Kompacto.




Quality & Market Price

Maximum existing quality for the market price.

Al precio de mercado, la máxima calidad existente.




Quality & Market Price

Market quality at the most competitive price.

La calidad de mercado, al precio más competitivo.




Quality & Market Price

Our laboratory and R & D department, derived from the ceramic sector, is constantly developing new products, formulations and systems,
Constantly surpassing us, advancing at all times to the needs of each client.


The headquarter in Spain has a “Satine Experience” a space destined to know the products, varieties, application, textures, have a good time, feel, enjoy and know a range of unique finishes and awaken unforgettable feelings.

The visitor can take a tour of the exhibition, logistics, quality, laboratory and live a positive experience together with a team of professionals at their full disposal to enter into the knowledge about a unique material.


excellent logistic
first class shipment

We quickly deliver the goods to the corresponding logistics department so that orders arrive as soon as possible to our customers.
We have everything organized and we get it from our authorized dealers.
We take care of palletizing the merchandise with a unique system developed by our quality department that makes the merchandise travel in a safe and organized way.

Style, capacity and speed


Our expansion both in Europe and in the rest of the world has allowed us to create a network of franchises.
The total management of the Satine brand exclusively in a specific geographical area is carried out through the Master Franchise. Another form of our expansion business is the franchise itself, characterized by being always linked to the Master Franchise in the field of distribution.

For distributors another option is the Corner, implementing a space within an existing business.

Satine is registered in the franchise register of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with the number NIFRA 2016045809469F to further promote its expansion through its own network of franchises.

Valencia (Spain)
+34 969 100 100

Castellón (Spain)
+34 964 100 100

Valencia (Spain)
+34 692 100 100

Nuevo León (México)
(81) 1932 5515


Our company secrecy is our laboratory, R+D department and own production. Facilities, prepared to give an agile response to the service needs of our customers.

Full management of the Satine brand exclusively in a specific geographical area. It markets products and is the logistics center for franchisees in its area.

Always linked to the Master Franchise for the distribution and  legally to the manufacturer. With a functional and aesthetic model 100% Satine.

Space that is implanted in a shop, offering information of the product and in contact with the Satine Stone applicators.

The Satine dealer has its own warehouse, an exhibition area and vehicles for the transport of merchandise.

Doing Satine Stone’s training course, you can become  Satine Stone’s official applicator.

Color / Cementicious Textures


In our desire to reach maximum perfection in the application of the product, Satine has its own tools for finishes more than perfect.


A studied quality packaging, for a comfortable use and thought as the ideal support to translate our ideas to our dealers.

Display Collection

The presentation of the products Satine Stone, is designed so that our sales points can presume of the finishes and can expose them to the end customer according to the manual of style of the company.

Satine System

No joints, no work, no dust, no cracks … direct application on glass, wood, ceramics, metal, concrete, mortar…

Very resistant, waterproof and easy to color, in only 5 steps:

Formación Continua

Satine organizes training courses to instruct the participants in an optimal use of the products and in their correct application. The courses are taught by technicians in the main foreign languages ​​in an environment equipped with everything necessary for a correct training.
The strengths of the Satine training proposal are:

  1. Testing theoretical-practical combination of the training activity, which allows to check directly in the application what has been learned in the classroom.
  2. Diverse educational programs by type of application and products, number of participants, level of knowledge and available days.
  3. Courses addressed to various professional figures: Management, Commercial Team, Customer Service, Logistics and Applicators.
  4. Delivery of certificate of participation at the end of the course.
  5. Possibility of organizing training programs in the Master Franchises or Franchises.
  6. Yearly theoretical / practical recycling
  7. Training, instruction and supervision on site.

Network Access

At www.satinestone.com we have access to professionals in which you will discover a multitude of tools and everything necessary for continuous training.